The World’s Most Impractical Cars

HOOK: These are the cars suited for the exalted few who have nothing else to spend their money on. If you’re looking for a sensible purchase, look elsewhere.

There are vehicles that saturate today’s market that are reliable enough for everyday practical use. There are modern sports cars that can even serve the same function so long as you’re not hauling your entire family along with hefty cargo.

Then, there are cars that make you scratch your head but pique your curiosity anyway. You may not have needed them, but now you want them. Here’s a list of delightfully compromised cars that make no financial sense other than the thrill of buying them.

5 Cars that Are All Glitz, Glam, and Really Not Much Else

1. Morgan 3-Wheeler

Photo from MotorTrend

The first to make it into this list is the impossibly cool Morgan 3-Wheeler. With no full windshield insight, this hot rod leaves its driver to fend for themselves against the elements. It can’t compete with race cars, and its handling is quirky. Why have it? Well, simply put, there’s no reason not to.

2. Ariel Nomad

Photo from Autocar

The literal embodiment of “bare-bones,” the Ariel Nomad is a tube-frame two-seater that boasts an exposed suspension and rear-mounted engine. You might want to take it in one of your sporadic, off-road adventures—and it can thanks to its huge all-terrain tires—but good luck returning in one piece.

3. Aston Martin Valkyrie

Photo from Cnet

Not all that glitters is gold. The Aston Martin Valkyrie may look like it comes with all the luxuries the Batmobile has, but it doesn’t. It’s as stripped-down as possible. Intended exclusively for track day specials, this hybrid hypercar’s sole purpose in life is to zip through a race track.

4. Mercedes Benz G550 4×42

Photo from

Don’t let this car deceive you. While the G550 4×42 leaves a sensible footprint, its jacked-up height makes it virtually impossible to load people or large items into its cabin. The roof alone leaves no space for mounting anything without the aid of a ladder or two.

5. Caterham Se7en

Photo from Autocar

Speed is king until it isn’t, and the Caterham Se7en offers just that. It doesn’t come with a sizable trunk. It also doesn’t come with a roof. Actually, it doesn’t come with anything else other than two seats, an engine, and a steering wheel.

Better to Have Driven Than Not At All

From their inception, cars have been intended to carry passengers and cargo to and from destinations, but the passage of time has changed our priorities. At this point, no one can fault anyone for having these cars when transportation is no longer a priority. Style is unyielding, and some people are happy to compromise comfort for swag.

There’s a charm to standing out in a sea of mass-produced vehicles, and there’s a joy in feeling the breeze against your hair. Somewhere out there, another AC Mono is being built with fewer and fewer parts that you’ll wonder if it’s even a car anymore, and the world will be a happier place for it.