The Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity

Hook: When you look at celebrities, you think they lead the most perfect lives. Things are not always what they seem because the celebrity life has its cons too.

The grass always seems greener on the other side, especially when you watch the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous. Yes, there are many perks with being a celebrity, but it has its downsides too.

5 Major Pros Of Being A Celebrity

Special Treatment


If you’re famous, you definitely live a life with many perks. One of the best perks is getting special treatment.

If you are George Clooney and you walk into a restaurant to go on a date with your wife, do you think you will have to wait in line and then not get the best seats? Celebrities are always given preferential treatment. They enjoy the best seats at the theater, front row seats at events, preferred entry at clubs, and front row and center seats at fashion events.

Richer Than The Average Joe

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Celebrities can afford extravagant lifestyles and luxuries that non-celebrity people could only dream of. When you watch any show that showcases the lifestyles of the rich and famous, you will definitely see immense mansions, jewelry, expensive clothes, luxury cars, and sports cars. Just check out MTV Cribs and take a good look at how 50 Cent’s home.

Some celebrities even own islands. 

Recognized Everywhere


Who would not want to be spotted on the street and recognized as somebody? It is a sure ego booster any time, and most celebrities have gotten used to it.

Adored By Fans


Another ego booster is being admired and worshiped by many people. We all want to be loved, and celebrities get to see and feel that on a whole new level. Fan mail and tokens of appreciation can touch, inspire, motivate, and even humble any person who receives them.

More Opportunities To Make Money


When you are famous, many more opportunities open up to you, even if they are not related to your career as an actor or athlete.

These opportunities that land at celebrities’ feet actually allows them to make more money. Stars become brand endorsers and most even go down the entrepreneurial path. Being famous enables them to promote their business and sustain them with ease.

The Cons of Being a Celebrity

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Because of their fame, celebrities cannot live normal lives. They cannot just take a nice long walk at the park or sunbathe at the beach without getting mobbed or asked for an autograph or picture.

Imagine Paris Hilton doing a simple grocery run. She will be hounded by paparazzi and stalked by overeager fans.

In short, a celebrity cannot do what the ordinary joe does. They have to live secluded and private lives. Those simple life pleasures you get to enjoy, like family dinners, are well beyond their reach.

Prone To Stalking


Being rich and famous attracts opportunities, but it also attracts stalkers. You have heard on the news the many cases celebrities have filed against people who sent them doubtful mail or even invaded their homes. 

Finding Real Friends


Celebrities have to be always on their guard when it comes to people who want to be close to them. Everyone wants to be their friend, but knowing who is real or not becomes a confusing business. It can be hard to trust others who may use what they know about you to gain fame for themselves.

Judged Constantly


Being a celebrity means being public property. Everything about a personality is scrutinized by tabloids, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. It is like having a million eyes watching your every move and talking about you behind your back.

Nonexistent Privacy


The distinct lack of privacy is part and parcel of every celebrity’s life. Stars cannot do anything outside their homes without the whole world knowing about it.