The Costs That Come with Maintaining a Car

HOOK: It’s no secret there are costs on top of a car’s price tag. If you’re thinking of buying a car, especially a second-hand one, refer to this article for a list of costs associated with car maintenance. Be warned: Your mileage may vary.

People nowadays are investing more in buying automobiles and with good reason. Practical matters aside, it’s easy to get caught up with the cost of owning vehicles. There are tons of factors to consider, including the cost of car maintenance, especially in the long run. Let’s take a look at an average estimate of the cost of car maintenance.

6 Costs to Maintaining Cars

  1. Oil Change
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Experts recommend that oil needs to be changed every after 10,000 kilometers. If you have not reached this quota, then it is advisable to change your oil every after 12 months. A typical oil change for any change car type and model will range from USD 25.00 to USD 50.00. 

  1. Battery
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Experts recommend changing a car’s battery every three years or so. However, it is also essential to consider factors such as:

  • Exposure to extreme weather;
  • Duration of the car being idle;
  • Frequency of leaving the car interior lights on

The cost of car battery replacement ranges from USD 60.00 to USD 200.00, depending on the car’s make and model.

  1. Brake Pads
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From a timeline perspective, it is a bit trickier to tell whether or not you should replace your brake pads as it also depends on a lot of factors such as the road conditions when traveling. City drivers would change their brake pads more often than rural drivers who drive on the freeway. Here are telltale signs that you should replace your brake pads:

  • Screeching sound when you hit the brakes;
  • Car light is on for newer types of vehicles;

The cost associated with replacing your brake pads would also depend on the make and model of your car, but on an average, it would be around USD 250.00

  1. Tires
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A sign that you have to replace your tires is when your tire’s tread depth is at 4/32 inches. From a timeline perspective, car experts recommend replacing your tires every after six years. Tire replacements can range anywhere from USD 525.00 to USD 725.00

  1. Carwash
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While taking care of the internal parts of your vehicle is extremely important, making sure that the exterior of your car is clean is also essential. To make sure that the dust, dirt, and grime of your vehicle are reduced to a minimum, make sure that you have your car cleaned at your local carwash. The fee ranges from free (if you choose to wash your vehicle yourself) or USD10.00

  1. Regular Car Inspection
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A regular car inspection ranges from USD 150.00 to USD250.00. Car experts recommend that car owners have their car inspected every year.

Doing so is an integral part of owning a vehicle as the inspection process can actually save a lot of money—and trouble—in the long run. Car inspections would usually entail checking the salient features of a car, such as oil, fluids, and brakes.