Celebrity Workouts: 5 Tips You Need To Know

Hook: You can look as good as celebrities with the right workout that their trainers swear by.

If you think celebrities have such perfect lives and bodies, think again. Those washboard abs and well-toned legs and arms all come at a price—a classic and regular workout.

Celebrities may have perfect genes, but they also have to work hard to look good just like any other human. They also have access to the best trainers in the world and can well afford it.

Here are a few workout tips that these celebrities swear by and that you can do too!

The Super Lunge

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Michael George trains Reese Witherspoon and has her legs, butt, and core looking very toned. The actress achieves this with more than just the regular lunge.

To get the same results, start with the down lunge and bring your arms up in front and form a pyramid shape. With a relaxed upper body, lift the knee to your chest. After that, extend your leg from the knee and start to push out with the heel while remaining to be in the standing leg bent stance. 

The Body Saw

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Claire Danes keep her core, arm, and shoulders toned by doing a modified version of the plank. Celeb trainer Joe Dowdell puts two paper plates below her feet and has her pull herself forward and backward slowly with her forearms. It looks like a plank, but the motion is sliding with the aid of the paper plates.

The Cable Pull Throughs

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Want your butt and thighs to look fabulous? Trainer Dowdell has Eva Mendes using the cable column for this.

You will have to hit the gym for this. Facing away from the cable column, grab the rope attachment, and pull them from between your legs. Walk the attachment away from the machine. With your chin tucked, let the cable pull you back and keep a straight back as you bend with your back and with your legs. Pull back up and repeat. This is less taxing on your spine.

Workout Tips From Celebrity Trainer

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Angelina Jolie’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, says that most women think that there’s a quick or easy fix to getting that toned body. He says that losing weight and gaining more muscle means pushing yourself harder. Before any gym class, go earlier and do 50 pushups or crunches before the class even starts. Be there 10 minutes before fitness class, and start warming your muscles up.

When at the gym, keep yourself continually moving and working. 

Peterson, who also trains the likes of Halle Berry, says that you should do your least favorite strength training exercise first. It is more likely that it targets the weakest body part. You will have more energy to accomplish the task instead of leaving it at the end. It also ensures you complete the sets if you do this first.

Peterson trains Jennifer Lopez and does not repeat workouts. He advises switching up your routine every month to keep the muscles guessing. This keeps the muscles working at optimal levels, so do change your exercise routine the next day. If you are doing pulling exercises today, do pushing exercises tomorrow.