A Word to the Fuel-Wise: Ways to Hack Your Car’s Fuel Economy

HOOK: Why spend more money on car fuel when you can use that money elsewhere? Here are tips and tricks to help you maximize your fuel consumption.

Having a car can do wonders for your productivity. Owning a car does not come without costs, and the rising cost of fuel does not help. For this reason, it is imperative for car owners to know the ways to save on fuel consumption.

Fuel-Saving Tips for Financially Wise Drivers

1. Avoid Long Car Idles

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According to car experts, you can save fuel by turning off the engine if you are idling for more than 30 seconds. If you are pulling off the road to take a call or if you are waiting for a long train to pass by at a railroad intersection, make sure to shut down the engine to save on gas.

2. Clean Out Your Trunk

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Carrying heavy cargo in your car can take a toll even on the most fuel-efficient vehicles. Car owners have the tendency to stuff useless things at the trunk or the back of the car, but car experts would advise against this, especially if they want to save on fuel.

Be sure to check your trunk and purge your car of any additional tools or materials that may provide unnecessary weight and cause your vehicle to burn more fuel.

3. Correct Tire Air Pressure

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Research indicates that underinflated tires cause cars to burn more fuel. To ensure that your car’s performance is at its optimum level, be sure to check the needed car pressure on the front door of your car and purchase tire gauges to determine whether or not you need to inflate your car tires.

4. Avoid Premium Fuel

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It is a myth that premium fuel can enhance your car’s performance. If your vehicle doesn’t require premium fuel, it is best to purchase regular fuel instead. You can cut as much as 10 cents per gallon by opting to buy for the regular fuel instead of premium fuel.

5. Use Air-Conditioning Only When Needed

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According to car experts, air conditioning is one of the biggest culprits of draining fuel. Research shows that when used sparingly, it can reduce gas consumption from as low as 5% to as high as 20%.

Pro tip: Be sure to park your car in a shaded area when you can. Doing so can save you fuel as your car won’t work as hard to cool the interior of the vehicle because of the heat.

6. Avoid Uphill Speed Increases
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Your car is working extra hard, defying gravity when driving uphill. Stepping down on the accelerator will not make things any easier for your car, and you’ll burn a lot of fuel in the process.

7. Avoid Aggressive Driving

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Before you hit the accelerator, researches indicate that situations that cause you to gas up, such as beating the red light or weaving from one lane to another to avoid traffic, actually burn more fuel and contribute to the wear and tear of your car.