A Foolproof Guide to Keeping Your Car Free from Coronavirus

HOOK: Coronavirus is scaring people off the streets, and the federal government has repeatedly told you not to leave home unless it’s absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, you have to make a quick drive to stock up on toilet rolls. Don’t worry. This guide has got you covered.

With news of coronavirus turning into a global pandemic, cars are at significant risk of becoming hotboxes for the disease. Fortunately, keeping them bacteria-free is not all that difficult. Learn how to fend against the virus while still being able to ride your vehicle.

Five Simple Steps to Protect Your Car from COVID-19

1. Turn Your Car Off

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Common sense dictates that the obvious first step to scrubbing your car clean of the virus that’s sweeping the planet is turning your car off, but on the off-chance that your car’s left running, let this serve as a reminder.

2. Wear Gloves and a Face Mask

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Before anything else, you will want to protect yourself from making direct contact with the virus. Disposable gloves and a cloth mask are more than enough to keep you adequately equipped against coronavirus. You might find yourself needing to take breaks while cleaning your car, so it’s advisable to wash your hands at regular intervals.

3. Use Soap and Conditioner

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It’s been proven that pretty much any household soap can ward off COVID-19. Spare yourself the trouble of elbowing rabid hoarders racing to get that last bar of antibacterial soap. Remember that decorative soap you got from a wedding eons ago? It’s just as effective, and it’s probably gentler on your car, too.

4. Let the Products Sit (Or As Directed)

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The 20-second cleaning rule isn’t just for your hands. To the extent you can and with careful consideration for electronics, lather and spray your car’s interior surfaces with the appropriate product.

If you’re worried about fabric discoloration, try dabbing the product on an inconspicuous area first. Leather interiors can be quite tricky, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you have leather conditioners on hand.

5. Leave No Hinge Unturned/strong>

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Be sure to scrub the steering wheel clean and all the other surfaces your hands tend to touch, such as handlebars and window switches.

Feel free to do a second pass if it helps put your mind at ease. After cleaning and drying, you can rest easy that there won’t be any viruses crawling on your dashboard—or anywhere else in your car—anytime soon.

Still Biting Your Nails?

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Stop it. If you’re still anxious about your health, the best way to deal with it is to get checked at your nearest local hospital. Don’t let your nerves get in the way of seeking medical assistance.

COVID-19 isn’t a death sentence to an otherwise healthy person, and as with most ailments, the sooner you get treated, the greater the chance of recovery. All things considered, you’ll most likely return home, moaning about having to clean your car again, but at least you’ll have this guide for next time.