6 Amazing Life Hacks For Stay-in Moms

Hook: Tired of running all over the house just to keep your kids in check? Worry no longer, motherhood does not have to be difficult and stressful; here are useful lifehacks that will eliminate the anxiety and frustration.

Almost most of the time, moms have to man the house alone while dad is off making money for the family. With not only herself to think of, things can get tough and tend to be out of control. It’s even more difficult if she has more than one child to look after. However, knowing these simple, but useful life hacks can make a mom’s life infinitely easier.

6 Life Hacks That Can Help Moms Out

1. Emergency contact bracelet

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As moms, your child’s safety is on top of your list. Knowing your kid’s location is at paramount importance and we all know that they don’t usually have a phone until they’re around middle school. So, this trick is perfect if you have a little one old enough to go on playdates but young enough not to have a phone yet.

Using letters and charms, make a bracelet that has your contact information. With this bracelet, they can call you when they aren’t home, asking to come home early or spend the night. This is also very helpful if you lose your child in public. Whoever finds them can give you a call, and you can pick them up. Still, keeping a sharp eye on your kind at all times would still be the greatest precaution rather than losing them in public: no parent wants that!

2. The WiFi-chores trick

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Getting your kids to do household chores can be pretty frustrating, especially today that they are so hooked onto technology. Even so, you can use that to your advantage. How you may ask?

Every morning, change the WiFi password and make a list of their chores for the day. They can only get the password if they accomplished everything on the list. This is great for idle times like summer or at the weekends. Teach your kids responsibility, so that as they grow older they can be self-dependent and can help you out during hard times. 

3. Kids case in the purse

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When you become a mom, you become Dora the Explorer with the backpack that has almost everything. As a mom, you have to be prepared for anything your kids ask for. They might look for a pen, gum, paper, or maybe a scrunchie.

To avoid having to rummage through your cluttered purse, you should have a separate pouch or a case specific for the kids. Keep everything they might ask for in it so that you can give it to them immediately with no fuss.

4. Monster spray

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Kids tend to be scared of the dark and what they think lurks within, that’s why you have trouble putting them to bed.

To help them get their bravery, fill a spray bottle with some essential oils and have them spray it in their room before bed to keep the “monsters” at bay. They won’t only have a good night’s sleep but also a great smelling room. This is a great remedy for the monsters under their bed or closet. 

5. Get out of grounding free map

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You can’t take away the fact that kids will get in trouble. When this happens, you will naturally have to ground them, forcing them to stay in the house.

With this, why not make their long stay productive? Give them a map saying that the only way to regain their freedom is to earn a certain number of points. Like with the WiFi hack, make them do chores to get points. Each task has a corresponding number of points. You not only discipline them but also get help around the house.

6. Car trash can

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This one is simple but effective. Having little ones during a car trip can get very messy. But having a trash can in the car can keep the vehicle spick and span, and you won’t have to worry about crumbs and ants. Say no more to biosystems growing in your car, own a trash can!