5 Beauty Gurus Who Faught Tooth And Nail To Be Successful

Hook: Today, there are a lot of platforms where you can shine, and one of which is YouTube. Whatever you are showcasing, may it be ASMR or how-to videos, here are five of the most successful beauty gurus who made it big time!

The beauty industry is always growling and constantly evolving. With that and all the drama going, it can be tough to make it and stay. Talent is not everything an online beauty guru needs. They need to be creative, captivating, charming and have a mind for business and innovation to succeed in such a cutthroat industry.

In this article of most successful beauty Youtubers, we won’t just base it on the number of subscribers. To gauge their success, we’ll look into their personal life and what they have outside of YouTube.

5 Of The Most Successful Beauty Gurus (In no particular order)

Jeffree Star

Net worth: $75 million

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Jeffree Star is probably the epitome of beauty success. Aside from having 17.6 million subscribers on YouTube, he has his own makeup company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and a merchandise company, Killer Merch. The latter does not only designs, manufactures, and globally ships his own merch, but it also has a slew of other big-time customers, like Kevin Hart and Lil Dicky. Plus, he actually also has a music career.

Even though Jeffree has garnered online success with his business and recent YouTube series with Shane Dawson, his life behind the camera is not as pretty. He lost two of his beloved Pomeranians last year and broke up with his long-term boyfriend, Nate Schwandt, earlier this year.


Net worth: $6 million

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Nikkie de Jager, commonly known by her online persona Nikkitutotials, started posting makeup videos in 2008 and since built a massive fanbase with 13.3 million subscribers. Besides YouTube, This Netherlands-native has had many collaborations with multiple beauty brands like Maybelline New York, Ofra, and Morphe.

The biggest news surrounding her is her coming out as transgender in January. She even guested in The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about the situation surrounding her coming out.

Bretman Rock

Net worth: $1.5 million

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Born in the Philippines and grew up in Hawaii, Bretman Rock has captured millions of hearts with his incredible talent with makeup. But what fans love the most about him is his unfiltered and funny nature. He not only posts makeup videos on his YouTube channel with 7.17 million subscribers but also hilarious videos with his sister and other content on his Instagram.

He has had successful collaborations with companies like Colourpop Cosmetics and Wet n’ Wild. To top things off, he won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Beauty Influencer of the Year.

Tati Westbrook

Net worth: $15 million

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Tati Westbrook thrives on her YouTube channel Tati, formerly named GlamLifeGuru. She not only shares tips and tutorials for makeup but also does honest product reviews for her 9.63 million subscribers.

Recently, she came out with an eyeshadow palette, Textured Neutrals Vol 1, through her makeup brand, Tati Beauty. In addition to a makeup company, Tati also founded Halo Beauty, which focuses on skin health.

James Charles

Net worth: $10 million

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James Charles is one of the youngest ones to thrive in the beauty community. He first got his start when he guested on The Ellen Degeneres Show for being CoverGirl’s first cover boy.

Today, he has 17.5 million YouTube subscribers, where he posts creative and glam looks. Also, in 2018, he revealed a collaboration with Morphe. The collab produced a colorful eyeshadow palette that can rival luxury ones.